De Kort: Taking EPO is ridiculous, it’s just so stupid

Koen de Kort has expressed his shock and outrage after Trek-Segafredo teammate Andre Cardoso returned a positive test for EPO on the eve of the Tour de France.

Cardoso has denied taking the drug and is awaiting the result of the B-sample analysis but the rider was pulled from Trek-Segafredo’s Tour team earlier this week and has been suspended by the team pending the final analysis.

“I just can’t really believe it. I’m hoping that the B-sample is going to be negative because I can’t imagine how you could be so stupid,” de Kort told Cyclingnews at the Tour de France teams presentation in Dusseldorf on Thursday evening.


“It just makes no sense to me. We’ve spoken about it briefly [ed. at the team] but not a whole lot. We’re dumbstruck.”

De Kort added that he had mixed emotions on the subject – welcoming the fact that testing in professional sport works but reiterating his disappointment and frustration with Cardoso.

“It’s good that some guys get caught as it means that testing works and deters people from doing stupid thing, but that it’s a teammate makes it a bit painful.”

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