Pinarello Dogma K10S Disk suspension controlled by internal sensors and your Garmin

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

The new Pinarello Dogma K10S Disk endurance road bike features rear elastomer suspension that is controlled by both a Garmin Edge computer and internal sensors. The 1cm elastomer suspension can be activated and locked out via an app on an Edge, or automatically while riding, via gyroscopes and accelerometers Pinarello has built into the bike’s seat tube.

Following on the heels of the Dogma F10 race bike used by Team Sky at the Tour de France and the just-launched Dogma K10 rim-brake endurance bike, the new Dogma K10D Disk mixes aero shaping with endurance geometry and disc brakes.


Like most endurance bikes, the Dogma K10S Disk has a relatively taller and slacker head tube compared to a straight ahead race bike, plus a longer wheelbase, and clearance for 28mm tires.


The cushioning is elastomer, and the lock-out is hydraulic

Gyroscopes, accelerometers and automatic suspension adjustment

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