Rasmussen: Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky crossed the line

Former rider and convicted doper Michael Rasmussen has again cast doubt on Bradley Wiggins’ and Team Sky‘s medical practices.

Speaking on the BBC programme Newsnight following the Monday morning release of the Parliamentary report into ‘Combating Doping in Sport’, Rasmussen said he believes there is more to Wiggins’ use of TUE’s than the explanations Wiggins has thus far provided.

Rasmussen also argued that the expressly anti-doping philosophy proclaimed by Team Sky has exacerbated the situation in which they now find themselves, and that it would be ‘appropriate’ if team principal Dave Brailsford resigned.


Rasmussen was kicked out of the 2007 Tour de France when leading the race for lying about his whereabouts. He later made a full confession to doping throughout his career.

When speaking to the BBC in 2016 after Wiggins’ TUE use was leaked by hackers known as Fancy Bears, Rasmussen said: “If you look solely at the pattern of the TUEs of Bradley Wiggins then you would say that this looks very suspicious. It’s something that a rider would do if he wants to perform well in a Grand Tour, something that I would do, something that I did.”

Speaking Monday night to the BBC programme, Rasmussen echoed the DCMS report’s assertion that Wiggins’ TUE use – he gained permission to use the corticosteroid triamcinolone ahead of his Tour de France victory in 2012 and ahead of two other Grand Tours in 2011 and 2013 – was designed to enhance performance.

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