Cyclingnews presents The Bell Lap

Cyclingnews is proud to bring our readers The Bell Lap, a new series for 2018 featuring the highly-skilled, brave, talented racers who live, every week, for the criterium. We’re not talking the post-Tour de France spectacles where the results are startlingly skewed toward Grand Tour winners. No, this is adrenaline-fuelled, elbows-out, stomping-on-the-pedals-out-of-every-turn American-style criterium racing.

The name of the series evokes the adrenaline-inducing sound indicating one lap to go and the addictive sensations that follow: Elbows hitting elbows, weight heavy on the outside foot as tyres push the limit of their grip in the turns, eyes keenly scanning for the right wheel – always moving forward and never back – and finally the rush of wind in your face as you come off the wheel to sprint – quads burning, lungs on fire – and lunge to the line.

We will be bringing you full coverage of the most important, most historic, most challenging races on the criterium circuit. In addition, we will have special video features by Elevate KHS sprinter Cory Williams giving you the spectacular in-race view from one of the best criterium racers on the continent. The video below is just a teaser of what you can expect to see.


Cyclingnews has created its own fictional series classification for The Bell Lap, with points awarded for the top men and women throughout the 16 events (19 race days).

The series will begin on April 28 with the Athens Twilight Criterium and concluded on September 15 at the Atlantic City Resurgence Fest Criterium in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Cyclingnews will award titles for the men and women who scored the most points.


19 criteriums

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