Chris Froome’s defence team may question validity of salbutamol test

The French newspaper Le Monde reported on Friday that Chris Froome‘s salbutamol case has gone from the UCI Legal Anti-Doping Services (LADS) to its Anti-Doping Tribunal.

It was reported in February that the case was headed to the Tribunal and that it was expected to start proceedings within the month.

However, several sources close to the UCI have told Le Monde that the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal is already being utilized. The Tribunal handles disciplinary proceedings and renders decisions concerning anti-doping rules violations. Le Monde suggest that the UCI’s Legal Service considered that there was no objective data to lead to a dismissal in Froome’s case.


A source close to the proceedings says the case will likely take some time to conclude. “It will not be done before the Giro. There is a small chance that this is the case before the Tour,” Le Monde reports its source as saying.

The UCI Anti-doping Tribunal cases could take between two months to a year for cases such as Froome’s. One of the parties, however, has the possibility of requesting “an expedited procedure, if the circumstances so require”.

Froome is deep into his preparations for the Giro d’Italia and aiming to go down in history as one of only a handful of riders to win three consecutive Grand Tours. He intends to follow that by defending his Tour de France title.

Possible defences

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