Rhys McClenaghan claims pommel horse win after Max Whitlock stumbles

• Northern Irish teenager gave an impressive display
• Whitlock fell during final to finish in seventh

There is no false bravado about Max Whitlock, just an unwavering faith founded on what the double Olympic champion has achieved and what might yet be accomplished. On Sunday, though, for the second time this year on a significant stage, the Englishman faltered and then fell during the individual pommel horse final at the European Championships to come seventh with a score of 14.000.

As occurred at the Commonwealth Games in April victory was claimed by Rhys McClenaghan with the Northern Irish teenager compiling a mark of 15.300 that rated highest in both execution and delivery. The result was all the more impressive for the upheaval McClenaghan has overcome in recent months to claim what was Ireland’s first medal at this showpiece.

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