Trentin wins European Championships

Matteo Trentin claimed the European Road Championship title for Italy on a rainy course in Glasgow. He won the sprint of a six-man group, topping Wout Van Aert (Belgium) and Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands).

“It’s incredible to have won after everything I’ve been through recently,” said Trentin after the race. “We rode perfectly as a team and I have to thank everyone who has supported me during my problems and injuries. Nothing went right for eight months and so I want to thank everyone who was there for me. This is a great day!”

They had been part of a ten-rider strong group which got away with about 55km to go. A crash on the wet roads with just under ten km left took out several of the riders, leaving only a high-powered group of Trentin, Van Aert, van der Poel, Davide Cimolai (Italy), Jesus Herrada (Spain) and Xandro Meurisse (Belgium).


“When the right move formed, I spoke to Cimolai and then he attacked to make the others show their hand,” Trentin explained. “I saw [Maurits] Lammertik go into the barriers but we avoided him. Then we eased slightly but it all worked out perfectly.

 “The crash simplified things. Then in the sprint, I asked Cimolai to lead me out and he did. He did a spectacular job, as did all the Italian team.”

How it unfolded

Rain was the theme of the day in Glasgow, ranging from heavy to light to none and then back again. The race was 16 laps of the city course, for a total of 230 kilometres. Shortly after the start, a break group set off with Matthias Krizek (Austria), Roland Thalmann (Switzerland), Josef Cerny (Czech Republic), Polychronis Tzortzakis (Greece), Krists Neilands (Lithuania), Mikhel Räim (Estonia) and Robert-Jon McCarthy (Ireland). Räim soon dropped, leaving six.

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