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Fall Trail by Ellen Schofield

Fall Trail by Ellen Schofield

Vendors carry candy floss in Lahore, Pakistan …

Vendors carry candy floss in Lahore, Pakistan from The Guardian’s Best Photographs of the Day.

Bradley Wiggins: ‘I’d have had more rights as a murderer … I only asked for a fair trial’ | Donald McRae

The former cyclist says doping allegations have devastated his family life but cannot taint his love for the sport and reveals he still talks to Lance Armstrong but not Dave Brailsford

“People ask me now, ‘Are you Bradley Wiggins?’ and I always say, ‘I used to be,’” the former cyclist explains with a painful little smile as his famous old name slips from his mouth. “It’s funny because I do it to everyone in this book. When I met Miguel Induráin he got embarrassed. I don’t like it when people do it to me. I say, ‘I’ve moved on. He’s gone now, that person.’”

The book is called Icons. It’s rather beautiful and an intriguing blend of cycling history and personal snippets which offer insight into Wiggins’ contradictions. The “proper nerd” he used to be, as a cycling-obsessed teenager living on a Kilburn council estate, shines through some endearing pages about the bike riders who consumed him when he fell for a brutal and complicated sport.

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Cycling means the world to me and I’ve gone back, no chains attached. No political correctness

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There’s a lot more going on than I alluded to this summer. I can’t prove any of it yet … I’m carrying on with my life

Induráin is described as the perfect gentleman. You could find him in bed with your wife and he’d give you a hug

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Chris Froome undecided over defence of Giro d’Italia on ‘explosive’ course

• Team Sky rider undecided following announcement of route
• Decision rests partly on Froome’s desire to win Tour de France

The Giro d’Italia champion Chris Froome said he is still undecided about riding in next year’s edition but added that the start of the 102nd route, announced on Wednesday, looked explosive.

The Team Sky rider became the first Briton to win the century-old race in May, and was briefly the first cyclist in 35 years to hold all three Grand Tour titles at the same time.

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Geraint Thomas: ‘Ideally, Froome would ride for me. But that’s not possible’

The Tour de France winner on overcoming frustration with Team Sky, meeting Messi and why he can’t wait for next year

Geraint Thomas has already told me about the night he and Lionel Messi met up in an underground car park and how it feels to have won the Tour de France. He has considered public suspicion of Team Sky and explained his long battle to be accepted as their leading rider in this year’s race ahead of Chris Froome. Thomas pauses briefly now and, stepping away from the whirlwind of the last four months, looks ahead.

“I’d love to win it again,” he says. “Each year’s different but I still feel I’m improving even though I’m 32. I still have the motivation and commitment where I think Brad Wiggins, once he’d won it [in 2012], didn’t have 100% motivation. I’ve still got the appetite. I enjoyed the whole race – not just the end.”

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In the peloton, I think everyone respects us. But the media and some fans don’t like the dominance

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Women’s cycling needs its own Tour de France – not more vague promises

The route for next year’s Tour de France was revealed this week. Yet again women’s cycling was treated like a poor relation

By Suze Clemitson for 100 Tales 100 Tours of the Sport Network

Is it time that women’s cycling got the message? As Christian Prudhomme announced “the highest Tour in history”, there was scant coverage of La Course and no mention of a women’s Tour de France.

Gone is the mountain-top finish of last year’s race to Le Grand-Bornand or the quirky two-day pursuit format of the 2017 race. The race next year – a one-day, 120km event – will not show off women’s cycling in the spectacular theatre of the Champs-Élysées either, preferring a circuit race on the hilly route of the men’s time-trial course around Pau. Designed to test the legs of the puncheurs – those riders who can launch a stinging attack and punch time into the peloton over rolling terrain – the route will showcase a different type of rider on the stinging slopes of the Côte d’Esquillot, a potential springboard to overall race victory.

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Tour de France pushes to ban power meters for 2019 as it targets Team Sky | William Fotheringham

Next year’s Tour route is particularly mountainous, with 30 major ascents and only two times trials, the individual before the days spent in the Pyrenees and Alps

In yet another attempt to make the Tour de France a more open race, which will be seen as a further move to break Team Sky’s domination, the organisers are to push for the abolition of the use of power meters. The ubiquitous devices which help a rider to gauge his effort by recording power output as he rides also “annihilates the glorious uncertainty of sport,” according to the Tour organiser Christian Prudhomme.

It remains unclear whether this will be put in place for the 2019 edition, which looks particularly mountainous and which continues the trend towards fewer and shorter time trials. However, it is actually unlikely that the move will drastically affect Team Sky; speaking to Le Monde on Thursday, the defending Tour champion, Geraint Thomas, pointed out that he and his team train so frequently with the devices that they end up riding as much according to physical “feel” as to the read-out on their screens.

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Tour de France route for 2019 unveiled as ‘highest in history’

• Race will include 30 categorised climbs, with three over 2000m
• Grand Depart set for Brussels on centenary of yellow jersey

The route of the 2019 Tour de France will feature 30 categorised climbs, five mountain finishes but only 54km of time trialling in what the organisers are promising will be “the highest Tour in history”, and which they have set to up encourage breakaways and attacks.

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Lance Armstrong’s former team manager given lifetime ban from cycling

• Johan Bruyneel has 10-year ban increased to life ban
• ‘We were all children of our era,’ says Belgian

Lance Armstrong’s former team manager has been handed a lifetime ban from cycling for his role in a doping scandal that saw Armstrong stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

Johan Bruyneel was given a 10-year ban by the American Arbitration Association in 2014, but in a post on Twitter on Thursday, the 54-year-old said the sanction had now been increased to a lifetime ban following an appeal by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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Lissette (Amélie le Gall) in 1898 from The Gua…

Lissette (Amélie le Gall) in 1898 from The Guardian’s profile of Women on the Move: The Forgotten Era of Women’s Bicycle Racing by Roger Gilles