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Week in Tech: Enve/Vittoria dispute; Surly electric cargo; Campagnolo EPS 12-speed

Enve claims Vittoria tires are prone to failure on its rims, but Vittoria wants to know more. New Campagnolo EPS 12-speed, and more.

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Week in Tech: New Lauf gravel bike, Why goes full roadie, Rapha women’s bibs

Why Cycles has a new titanium frame for pure roadies. Lauf introduces a gravel bike with a conventional fork. Rapha rolls out new women’s bibs, and more.

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Week in Tech: Oversize pulleys for 1x, colorful Wolf Tooth axles

SLF Motion introduces Hyper 1x oversize/midsize pulley system

Single-chainring drivetrains appear to be the future, at least for gravel and mountain bike applications (road bikes? The jury’s out …). SLF Motion has responded to the trend with its 1X-specific Hyper 1x Oversize/Midsize pulley system. The combination of the midsize and oversize pulley help reduce overall drivetrain friction, and SLF Motion says the 7075 aluminum CNC machined wheels will outlast stock parts. The carbon cage is made in the USA, and the bearings are ceramic-coated. Notably, SLF Motion says its system offers the same ground clearance as stock 12/12t systems, as well as SRAM Eagle’s stock 12/14t system. The Hyper 1x is designed specifically for mountain bike and gravel applications.

Swap out and customize your axle with caps from Wolf Tooth

Photo: Wolf Tooth

Anodized thru-axle caps add a bit of pop to your bike, so you can add a bit of personality to an oft-neglected component.  Since it’s likely you’ll scrape these bits up on the trail, it’s easy to change the caps out if you damage them. Wolf Tooth makes the axle itself as well as replaceable caps in eight anodized colors. Swapping the caps is as simple as turning an 8mm Allen key. And if you live in cold climates where indoor riding is inevitable, Wolf Tooth also offers trainer caps so you can preserve your colored caps. Axles cost $40, the caps cost $10, and the trainer caps cost $20.

Effetto Mariposa gets in the tire insert game

Photo: Effetto Mariposa

While Cushcore remains the most recognizable name in tire inserts, Vittoria’s Air Liner joined the game last year. Now Effetto Mariposa is in on the action with its TyreInvader. The insert aims to reduce or eliminate pinch flats, just like other tire inserts. But the TyreInvader is flat, which means it takes up far less volume in the tire and, according to the company, only comes into play when it’s needed. In other words, it shouldn’t affect your ride at all unless it’s performing its primary function: creating a buffer between your rim and whatever obstacle you hit. The TyreInvader also won’t absorb sealant, and it’s lighter than any other option at only 50 grams. That weight saving is largely due to the flat profile, as well as the space invader cutouts throughout the liner. The TyreInvader starts at $50 for two pieces.

Passoni donates two Buffalo Bikes to WBR for every custom bike sold

Photo: Passoni

If you were in need of a good excuse to buy a luxury, handmade Italian bike, you’re in luck. Passoni will donate two Buffalo Bikes to World Bicycle Relief for every Passoni bike sold during January. WBR provides specially designed bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa to help them overcome the distance barriers that often prevent access to education, healthcare, and other resources. Passoni has been making luxury handmade frames for over 30 years.

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Week in Tech: New Enve road hubs, Wounded Warrior raffle, Donnelly gravel tires

Enve road hubs get overhaul, lower price tag … at $1,000

“She’s a beaut, Clark.” — Randy Quaid, talking about Enve’s road hubs, probably.

If you haven’t hopped on the disc brake train and you’re still in love with your rim brake wheels, you’ll find a kindred spirit in Enve’s newly overhauled carbon hubs. There’s a lot going on here, but suffice to say that the new generation of carbon road hubs are stronger, encourage wheel stiffness, enhance bearing life, and improve drivetrain engagement. The hubs feature steel ball bearings rather than ceramic bearings, which Enve says will enhance bearing life when coupled with its improved bearing seal. A 40-tooth ratchet system replaces the previous generation’s 18-tooth ratchet for improved freehub engagement. And the flanges have been redesigned to reduce spoke fatigue. The front and rear pair will cost you $1,000, and they come with a five-year warranty.

Help out Wounded Warrior Project, win a Mosaic

Photo: Mosaic Cycles

Mosaic Cycles is raffling off a one-of-a-kind titanium bike to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Pony up $10 per ticket for your chance to win a replica of elite racer Mitch Hoke’s XT-1 race bike, with its signature color scheme. (You can also get a stock color scheme if you prefer.) That’s a $10,500 bike for a mere $10 if you’re the winner. Hoke is a pilot for the Air National Guard, and he has used his success on the race course to help veterans’ groups throughout the season. Mosaic hopes to add to Hoke’s efforts by donating this custom bike, which will be built to the winner’s specifications.  The raffle ends December 14 at 11:59 pm MST. Enter the raffle here.

Donnelly’s EMP tires are a love letter to Kansas

Photo: Donnelly

Emporia, Kansas has essentially become the capital of gravel in the United States. Donnelly Tires honors the new mecca with its EMP tire, which of course stands for Emporia, the home of Dirty Kanza. The EMP tire is Donnelly’s most aggressive gravel tire, with big side knobs akin to Donnelly’s BOS cyclocross tire. An integrate protection belt helps stave off punctures, and the center tread resembles that of Donnelly’s MSO gravel tire. You can choose from a 700×38 tubeless ready version for $72, and a 60 TPI foldable bead tire for $47. A 700x45mm tubeless-ready version will be available in the spring of 2019 for $72, and a 700x45mm 60 TPI version for $47.

Why Cycles R+ V3 is a bit of a hoarder

Photo: Why Cycles

Sometimes you just gotta take it all with you. Why Cycles feels your pain. The R+ V3 has mounts galore for water bottles, accessories, and just about anything else you want to bolt or strap to your bike. That’s not all, though: The V3 also gets updated to a 160mm flat mount rear brake, which eliminates the need for an adapter. The seat tube is also ovalized, like Why’s mountain bikes, to increase pedaling stiffness while allowing for rearward compliance. The R+ V3 also gets dressed in some new graphics. Grab a banana and strap away.

Lezyne and K-Edge finally team up on a mount

Photo: Lezyne

Lezyne’s GPS head units have been available for a couple of seasons, but until now you were limited to the plastic mounts included with the computer. Now K-Edge offers its CNC machined mounts for Lezyne GPS head units. That means you can bling out your bike with these durable, lightweight aluminum mounts if you’re rolling a Lezyne computer. There are six different mounts available to accommodate different mounting positions and accessory inclusion, and they will range in price accordingly. The new mounts will be available December 21, just in time for stuffing those Christmas stockings.

Fezzari’s new e-bike puts handling first

Fezzari Wire Peak
Photo: Fezzari

Like many mountain bike companies, Fezzari is diving into the growing trend of electric-assist mountain bikes. However, the Utah-based company says its approach makes its new Wire Peak model handle more like an “acoustic” mountain bike. Fezzari’s engineers focused on making the chainstays as short as possible, 435mm. Despite the Shimano E8000 drive system, Fezzari says this bike doesn’t sacrifice handling. The bike is available in three models, the $3,599 Comp model with 140mm travel front and rear, the $4,599 Elite model with 140mm/150mm travel, and the Pro model, $5,599 that has a 160mm fork. As is the case with all Fezzari bikes, the Wire Peak is sold direct to consumer making this one of the more affordable e-bike options around.

Burn off some Christmas cookies with Rapha

Photo: Rapha

If you’re the motivated type who would rather push the pedals than snag a few of Santa’s cookies, Rapha will be holding its ninth annual Festive 500 challenge between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Sign up for the challenge and you’ll be tasked with riding 500 kilometers between December 24 and December 31. Commemorate your experience in photos, words, or other creative means and become eligible to win a slew of prizes, including a Canyon bicycle, Wahoo head unit, and more.

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Week in Tech: Cavendish’s bike up for auction, Pivot fat bike, and a bit of kit

Dimension Data auctions off pro bikes for charity

Cervelo’s S5 has had some pretty big moments in the last few years. Now you can get your hands on some of those legendary bikes, including Mark Cavendish’s 2018 race bike. Bernie Eisel, Serge Pauwels, and Edvald Boasson Hagen have also put their bikes on the block to help the Qhubeka charity reach its target of 100,000 bicycles distributed to those in need by 2020. Qhubeka distributes bikes to rural African communities where access to basic needs like healthcare and schooling is nearly impossible without a reliable mode of transportation. The auctions are live until November 23.

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Pivot’s Les keeps the fat bike spirit alive

The snow is flying and Pivot is ready with the Les fat bike. It features 27.5-inch wheels and comes spec’d with 3.8-inch tires. But it’s got a trick up its sleeve: you can set the Les to fit just about any wheel and tire combo you can come up with, from 29+ to 27.5+, or the biggest 5-inch tires you can get your hands on. You’ll have the option of a rigid fork or Manitou’s Mastadon suspension fork, but you won’t have a choice in color: It only comes in Ice Blue. You can get your hands on the frameset for $2,500, or a complete build ranging from $4,000 to $4,250.

100% teams up with Cadence on new apparel collection

Style begets style. That’s the thinking behind the new collaboration between 100% and Cadence Collection, two brands focused on looking cool. The lineup includes jerseys, bibs, and gloves, all with styles unique to this collaboration. 100% has also lent its Peter-Sagan-approved S2 sunglasses to the lineup, now with a bold leopard print aesthetic (Ruby Tortoise, if you want to be official about it). Aside from appearances, the features of the S2 remain the same as the ones in 100%’s regular lineup.

Bikepacking in black and white? Rapha’s got bags for you

Exploring by bike is so hot right now. Rapha enters the bikepacking game with its Brevet line of frame bags. In true Rapha style, there’s an element of cool aesthetics, but these bags are made to perform, too. They’re waterproof and spacious enough for long days or multi-day trips. The lineup includes a handlebar bag, frame bags, and saddle bags, in addition to Rapha’s Brevet clothing line.

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Week in Tech: Continental goes tubeless, Silca gives back, new Bkool trainer

Continental finally offers a tubeless road tire

Continental launched two new tires earlier this week. The new GP5000s has a whole host of advantages over its predecessor, the GP4000sII, according to Continental. Those include 12 percent better rolling resistance, 20 percent more puncture protection, 10 grams of weight savings, and more vibration absorption. That’s all well and good, but the really exciting news is the addition of the GP5000TL to the lineup. It’s got even better rolling resistance numbers (5 percent better than the GP5000s, in fact) and more puncture protection. The best part? It’s tubeless. The non-tubeless GP5000s costs $79 and the tubeless version runs $94. The GP5000s is available immediately in 23mm and 25mm widths. In six weeks, the non-tubeless tire will also be available in 28mm and 32mm widths. The 25mm tubeless tire will also be available in six weeks.

Buy Silca, give Silca on Giving Tuesday

Photo: Silca

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Silca’s #Pumps4Programs initiative is all about Giving Tuesday. On November 28, Silca will donate 10 percent of purchases from its website between $0-$100 and 20 percent of purchases from $100-$200 to a bike community organization of your choice. Purchases over $200 means a Pista Floor Pump can be headed to a bike community organization of your choice. So while you get fancy goodies from Silca on your doorstep, an organization in need of dollars and pumps gets a treat too. Win-win.

Bkool ups its virtual game with Smart Air trainer

Photo: Bkool

With the explosion of indoor riding’s popularity, it’s no surprise Bkool is back at it with a new smart trainer to pair with its virtual environment. The Smart Air direct-drive trainer offers a realistic ride, according to Bkool. It’s got 6 degrees of side to side movement for a more natural feel when you’re pedaling out of the saddle. It also uses infrared sensors to gauge power and maintain a 2 percent accuracy. It also simulates up to a 25 percent grade, and it offers 3,000 watts of power. Also neato: It sorta looks like a real bike. Hey, appearances matter too.

Want to be a Scicon Ambassador?

Photo: Scicon

You know what’s a silly word? “Influencer.” But if you happen to be one, Scicon wants to make you a brand ambassador. You can apply up until November 25, at which point Scicon will choose its final ambassadors. As an ambassador, you will receive cycling products, exclusive offers, and priority access to new products before they hit the market. You’ll be responsible for representing the brand while you’re cycling and traveling, so if you’re good at living that ‘gram life, you might be a good fit.

Magura’s Vyron wireless seatpost gets a makeover

Photo: Magura

Magura made waves with its Vyron wireless seatpost, with the promise that you’d never have to worry about cable routing ever again. The updated version integrates a new remote cap that has a larger selection area for ease of use. The Vyron comes in 150mm, 125mm, and 100mm travel options and weighs 595 grams. The earliest versions of the Vyron faced speed challenges — the post changed height very slowly when compared to cable actuated posts — and there’s no word yet if that has improved with the updated version.

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Week in Tech: Tacx quiets down, Zwifters go to France

Just be quiet, Tacx!

Just in time for the winter doldrums, Tacx has pulled the lid off its updated Neo smart trainer. Meet the Neo Smart 2, the indoor training unit Tacx said is even “more silent” than the previous version. (Insert your Spinal Tap joke here.) The Neo Smart 2 is now compatible with both 142×12 and 148×12 thru-axles, but more importantly, it includes a host of new features. Pedal stroke analysis and left and right power measurement now come standard. A capacitive cadence sensor is also included in the new setup, and Tacx says it has improved the electronics for smoother, more responsive resistance control. It’s available now for $1,400.

Ride L’Etape du Tour from your own personal pain cave

Zwift is now the official training partner of L’Etape du Tour, which means you can take advantage of training plans, in-game events, special jerseys, and more so you don’t have to go all the way to France to get a taste of the ride. The L’Etape du Tour Training Club is open to the first 30,000 Zwift members who enroll. As a member of the club, you’ll be able to participate in workout plans and group workouts, and you’ll get a chance to win a starting bib for the real L’Etape event in July. Zwift memberships start at $15 a month, and you’ll need one to get in on the action.

World Bicycle Relief makes year-end push with Give Go campaign

How awesome would it be to give a bike to someone who desperately needs it? That’s exactly what World Bicycle Relief does every time it raises $147. That’s what it takes to get a Buffalo Bicycle, specifically designed for African terrain, into the hands of a student, healthcare worker, or entrepreneur who needs it. That means you’re helping a kid get to school or a mother get to work. Now through November 10, donations will be matched dollar for dollar to help get more bikes into the hands of those in need. The Give Go campaign highlights the stories of people who face distance barriers between them and education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Lezyne expands its tool lineup with T-Drive

The T-Drive from Lezyne features a magnetic end that holds replaceable bits in place. That means this tool is inherently versatile: make it an Allen wrench, a screwdriver, or a Torx driver simply by swapping out the bit. It comes in a soft shell carrying case with cutouts for bits, and the handle is removable for easy storage in your backpack or seat pack. It only weighs 153 grams and costs $35.

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Week in Tech: Fat bike fork, gravel fork… What the heck is that fork?

Trust sends a Message with crazy fork design

Photo: Trust

Okay, what the heck is that? It’s pretty likely you haven’t heard of Trust Performance, or its new fork called The Message. But perhaps you’ve heard of one of its designers, Dave Weagle, the man behind DW Link, among other suspension advancements. Weagle has spent significant time and energy developing rear suspension systems, so he wondered why front suspension didn’t feel as good as rear suspension.

Enter The Message, a trailing multi-link suspension fork that allows the wheel to move up and away from obstacles. It’s full carbon to make it feather-light, and it features 130 millimeters of travel. The twin-tube thru-shaft aims to make the fork climb like an XC fork and descend like an enduro front end. Sounds like a pretty ambitious mission, but it’s the first time Weagle has taken a crack at it. The Message costs $2,700 and is available now, but you should order quickly if you want one: There are only 2,500 units available, sold on a first come, first served basis.

Enve expands gravel range with new fork and handlebars

Photo: Enve

It’s quite a time to be a fork. Enve’s G-series Gravel Fork features a one-piece molded design that helps increase strength. It also has clearance for 50mm tires, truly accommodating all types of gravel riders. It’s fender-compatible, weighs 520 grams, has internal hose routing, and costs $550. The G-Series Handlebar is similarly tailored for gravel riding; it’s wide everywhere, from the tops to the drops. The flare means the bars are 12cm wider at the drops than they are at the hoods. It has plenty of space for clamping clip-ons, but otherwise, round shapes are minimized or eliminated altogether. The G-Series bars cost $350.

All forked out? Too bad: Enve has a fat bike fork (and wheels) too!

Photo: Enve

Forks as far as the eye can see! This time, Enve’s got a new fat bike fork, simply called the Fat Fork. It features one-piece carbon construction and clearance for up to 5-inch tires. Perhaps more importantly, it features a flippable chip at the dropouts to optimize the rake for either 26-inch or 27.5-inch tires. It can be yours for $625. And you can pair it with Enve’s new M685 fat bike wheelset, which is available as both a 26-inch version and a 27.5-inch version. Both iterations feature an 85mm internal rim width. Like other wheels in the M6 series, the M685 features a hookless system and anti-pinch-flat technology. Each rim weighs 600 grams. The M685 is available as a rim-only option for $999, or as a complete wheelset with Industry Nine hubs for $2,800.

Industry Nine has a new stem (but no fork.)

Photo: Industry Nine

Even if you aren’t a mountain biker, you might want I9’s new A35 stem because its anodized colors look pretty amazing. This all-mountain stem is designed to work with 35mm handlebar diameters. It’s made from aluminum billet and anodized on site in Asheville, North Carolina; you can mix and match colors for $140, or just get a single color for $125. The A35 is available in four lengths: 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm.

Koo grows its line of sunglasses with the Orion and California

Photo: Koo

Koo makes a departure from its racing roots with the California, a pair of performance sunglasses you won’t be embarrassed to wear off the bike. In fact, they look like casual glasses, but they hide some performance features like vented lenses, a durable and light polycarbonate frame, and Zeiss lenses. It’s available in 15 colors, weighs 33 grams, and costs from $149 to $219 depending on lens choice. If that style is too tame for you, the Orion glasses feature a more performance look, anti-fog lenses, and adjustable arms to help fit any face. The Orions will run you $200.

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Week in Tech: Sagan’s worst-kept secret, Lazer recall, I9 Micro-Spline, Silca tools

100% designs yet another Sagan signature piece

The new Glendale sunglasses have been perhaps the worst-kept secret since we first spotted them at Eurobike. They’re official now, and they’re reminiscent of Andy Hampsten’s iconic Oakley eyewear he wore on the Passo di Gavia at the 1986 Giro d’Italia. In other words, they’re big. This, according to 100%, offers a wide field of vision. There’s added ventilation slots in the lens as well to ensure air gets around the windshield-sized front area. For $185, you get a spare lens, a vintage style case, extra nose piece, microfiber bag, and heaps of Peter Sagan style.

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How many roads? Factor says all of the roads.

Photo: Factor

Mountain. Gravel. Road. All-Road. We need another category, right? Fortunately for Factor, the All-Road category has existed in some form or another since the earliest bikes, but this one’s far more refined. The Vista features size-specific carbon layups to balance stiffness and compliance. It’s optimized for 35mm tires, and the specially designed fork features an external steerer and accepts a 12mm thru-axle. Other modern touches include an integrated cockpit and a flat-back seatpost that flexes for added comfort. The Vista was designed with input from Giro d’Italia winner Ryder Hesjedal, who started his career as a mountain biker. The chassis will cost you $4,800 and prices go up from there, depending on build and options.

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Lazer recalls select helmets

If you own a Blade, Magma, Elle, or Jade helmet, in size XS or S, Lazer has recommended a voluntary recall. Take your helmet to your local dealer for a free replacement, or go to Lazer’s website to get instructions on how to get your replacement lid. The affected helmets may not pass CPSC roll-off testing, and the helmet strap anchoring point can detach from the helmet during impact. The affected helmets were manufactured from 2015 onward. The helmets called Blade+ and Magma+ feature updated straps and are not affected by the recall. A white sticker within the helmet will identify the model name and number. If your numbers match the ones in the photo above, you are eligible for a recall replacement.

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Industry Nine nabs Shimano approval for Micro Spline freehub

Photo: Industry Nine

If you’re interested in buying the new Shimano XTR M9100 group, you now have the option to branch out your wheel choice to Industry Nine. I9 became the first company in North America (outside of Shimano, of course) to obtain a license for the new freehub body design, which features a new spline design for XTR M9100 cassettes. The freehub will be compatible with all I9 Torch series mountain bike hubs. Availability and pricing will be announced by the end of 2018.

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Home garage looking a little drab? Silca can spice it up

Photo: Silca

It’s hard to beat Silca’s tools and pumps if you’re after some swanky garage candy. Fortunately, Silca is releasing several new products just in time for inclusion on your holiday gift list, including the Super Pista digital floor pump, the Pista Plus floor pump, and the Sicuro carbon water bottle cage. But perhaps even more exciting than that, Silca now offers its new Ypsilon Y-wrench. You’ll recognize the shape instantly from just about any Y-wrench out there, but the Ypsilon distinguishes itself from the crowd with its unique, swappable third bit. That third arm is a standard 1/4-inch size, and a magnetic collet keeps it all in place. The tool itself costs $36 if you don’t need any bits; the Travel Kit with bits runs $74; and for the connoisseur who loves the finer things in tools, the $108 Home Kit slots all the bits and the tool in a foam insert, which sits neatly in a birchwood box.


Give the gift of Strava this holiday season

Photo: Strava

Strava recently updated its subscription tiers to better serve its athletes. There are tailored packages to help you accomplish your goals, and now you can purchase the Summit packages as a gift for someone else. You don’t need to be a Strava member to purchase the gift subscription either. So when December 24 rolls around and you realize you didn’t shop for that special athlete in your life, you’ve got a great gift at your fingertips. Subscriptions start at $24 and go up from there.

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Find your crew in the Assos Speed Club

Photo: Assos

Joining the Assos Speed Club connects you with racers and riders around the world to form a new community of cyclists interested in all aspects of the sport. But more importantly, it gives you access to discounts and deals from Assos. Membership is free, and the service will officially launch in January 2019. If you upgrade to the Premium membership (for a fee), you’ll get custom Speed Club items and access to early release products before they’re for sale.

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Week in Tech: It’s (almost) all about Kona

PowerTap P2 pedals get lighter, longer life

Photo: PowerTap

PowerTap’s P1 pedals offered convenient, dual-sided power measurement for those who swap bikes frequently. The newest iteration, the P2 pedals, slim down the originals by shaving 34 grams, which means the P2 pedals weigh less than 400 grams. PowerTap says it has improved battery life by 33 percent too, which means you get up to 80 hours of ride time. The pedals officially hit the pavement in Kona this week, and they will be on store shelves in the near future for $900.

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You can get a custom Giro Aether, if you’re lucky on Tuesdays

Photo: Giro

Starting on Tuesday, October 16th at midnight PST, you could be one of the lucky 25 customers to get a custom Giro Aether. Giro shared news of its Tuesday 25 program, which allows you to choose all the colors on your Aether, right down to the straps and fit system. But only 25 customers will be able to fork over the $400 to actually receive the one-off beauty. The helmet will arrive in custom packaging 4-6 weeks after your order. Fire up your keyboard and warm up a cup of coffee so you can pull the trigger at midnight on Tuesday.

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Zipp goes custom too, any day of the week

Photo: Zipp

Zipp is turning 30 years old, and to celebrate, the company is giving you the option to get some pretty colorful wheels. The Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc wheel isn’t likely to appeal to most riders beyond the velodrome or TT course, but if that’s up your alley, you’ll now be able to get this carbon beauty in Zipp’s historical color palette inspired by the first wheels back in 1988. Choose from white, yellow, blue, or magenta, and make it personally yours with an ImPress direct-print technology inspirational message, or just your name.

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Enve’s got a disc wheel too!

Photo: Enve

Enve’s SES Disc features one-piece molded construction, which eliminates bonding except at the hub shell. It’s tubeless compatible, weighs 1,225 grams, and will cost a cool $2,700. There’s a rim version and a disc version as well. The construction method, according to Enve, strengthens the wheel while making it lighter at the same time. Enve says this wheel will be the fastest at speeds over 27mph. It comes with a 5-year warranty as well.

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Met is also excited about Kona, launches TT helmet

Photo: Met

Noticing a theme? It’s all about triathlon and time trial gear this week, and Met has its own big release with the Codatronca. The name means “truncated tail” in Italian, and as you’d imagine, that’s its primary feature. Met says this helps maintain aerodynamics in multiple head positions and from various yaw angles. Met also says the wide body helps guide air over the rider’s shoulders, addressing areas of turbulence and drag. The shield features magnets that allow you to stow it when not in use, and it’s available in both white and black.

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